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The Walking Dead: Onslaught Sheriff Rick and Hunter Daryl Edition (PSVR)

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  • Campaign Story: Play as Daryl Dixon through an original campaign story
  • Fast-Action Survival and Ultimate Combat Freedom Test the boundaries of VR combat physicality to shoot, sever, and decapitate walker hordes in ranged and close-quarter encounters
  • Alexandria Safe Zone: Watch the transformation of Alexandria as the settlement is rebuilt into a fortress of hope. Spend resources wisely to create structures for unique stat boosts, essential upgrades, and more
  • The Sheriff Rick and Hunter Daryl Deluxe Edition Includes: Sheriff Rick and Hunter Daryl Skins, 2 Physical Post cards, Set of 5 digital postcards, Digital Artbook, Digital Soundtrack & PS Themes and Avatars
  • *An internet connection through your PS4, is required to download the digital items

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