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Nintendo Switch Screen Protector Tempered Glass

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  • 🎮 STRONGER SHATTER RESISTANCE - Syncwire Nintendo Switch Screen Protector can withstand the impact of a falling 64g steel ball from the height of 3.3ft. On rare occasion, a high impact may crack the screen protector, but if it ever does break it won't break off into giant sharp pieces that can cut you because it's tempered glass.
  • 👾 BUBBLE FREE & ANTI-FINGERPRINT - Syncwire Nintendo Switch Glass can self-expel air bubble when automatically bonding with the screen, please make sure the screen is 100% clean before you apply it. The oleophobic coating is thickened and has excellent abrasion performance, so fingerprints won't stay on the surface over long-term use.
  • 👻 SCRATCH-RESTSTANT & 100% TRANSPARENCY - Syncwire Nintendo Switch Tempered Glass provides great resilience to offer high touch sensitivity for smooth gaming with a thickness of 0.33mm. Plus, it saves your console’s display from being scratched or ruined by the dock it came with.
  • 📺 PRECISE CUT-OUT FOR NINTENDO SWITCH - Syncwire designs a tempered glass with sophisticated 2.5D curved edges cut-out to perfectly fit the Switch display. The film is cut precisely to the right specifications to ensure all the functionality of the Switch remains uncompromised. Plus, you won't have to worry about any little chips or cracks forming around the edges.
  • 🎲 3 YEAR SUPPORT - Syncwire Nintendo Switch Screen Protector come with 3 years support. If there are cracks and air bubbles on your screen protector, or even wrongly placed orders, you are welcome to contact us to get a Replacement.

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