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Peaky Blinders: Mastermind (Xbox One)

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  • True to the TV show: take control of Tommy, Arthur, polly, John, Ada and Finn as they navigate through familiar
  • the rise of Tommy: when a peaky Blinder is implicated in the murder of a Chinese opium dealer, Tommy embarks on a mission to find out the truth, Slowly growing into the true peaky blinders' Mastermind
  • become the mastermind: exercise tommy's power to plan complex scenarios in his head, by taking control of each key member of the Shelby family and perform their actions in parallel
  • manipulate time: each character's actions are automatically logged in a time line which you can freely reset, Fast-forward and Rewind, until the Plan is perfectly adjusted
  • stealth and strategy: each mission is an increasingly complex puzzle to be solved undetected and on time. Choose the right characters and abilities to coordinate and execute the optimum plan

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