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Kirby Fighters 2 Standard (Nintendo Switch Download Code)

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  • No matter what your skill level, the action of Kirby Fighters 2 can be enjoyed by anyone, with simple controls and easy-to-learn moves. Jump straight in and experiment to find the Copy Ability that matches your play style!
  • Pick from a range of Kirby’s unique Copy Abilities or even some of Kirby’s friends. Each one brings different moves to the battlefield, so you can pick one that suits your fighting style. Start with a select few and unlock more as you play – which will you pick first?
  • Each win allows you to upgrade your skills by choosing an item – the more you collect, the stronger you get. You only heal a little after every floor, though, so each fight is tougher than the last! Don’t worry if you’re defeated…as long as your teammate survives, you can be revived!
  • Everything you do in Kirby Fighters 2, regardless of the game mode, earns you Fighters Points – the more you play, the more you’ll earn. Rack up points as you progress and you’ll unlock exciting extras: new Copy Abilities, new stages to fight on, special item cards for use in the Buddy Fighters Tower or even alternative costumes!
  • Players of previous Kirby games on Nintendo Switch get even more content! If your Nintendo Switch console has a save file for Super Kirby Clash or Kirby Star Allies on it, you can unlock unique alternative costumes to use in Kirby Fighters 2.

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