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RG350 Linux System Retro Game Console

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The RG350 retro console with games is the latest retro gaming handheld for those who want to play old gaming consoles. The RG350 has a 3.5 inch IPS screen, Dual core processor, 512MB RAM, D-Pad, dual Analog sticks and 8 gaming buttons. It runs over a dozen retro consoles from Gameboy up to PlayStation 1.

The RG350 retro games handheld is the latest in the line of RG series devices. It features a JZ4770 Dual Core processor running at 1.0Ghz with DDR2 512MB RAM. Storage is provided by a Micro SD Card which can be up to 128GB. The display is a 3.5 inch IPS screen at 320x240 resolution which is perfect for displaying retro games.

Many have compared the RG350 as a spiritual successor to the GCW Zero which was a popular retro games console a number of years ago. The landscape handheld, measuring 14.5cm X 7.3cm X 1.4cm, features a digital D-Pad, dual analogue controls, four front facing game buttons, Start & Select, and four shoulder buttons. This means you can enjoy both older handhelds such as Gameboy, and newer consoles such as the PlayStation with any control method.

The RG350 runs the OpenDingux operating system and if you are looking for a retro gaming console with built in games then look no further. It includes PlayStation 1, NeoGeo Pocket, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Super Nintendo, NES, Megadrive/Genesis, Master System, Game Gear, MSX, PC Engine, WonderSwan and Poke Mini. Arcade systems including Capcom Play System 1 & 2 and NeoGeo are also supported.

A Li-polymer 2500 mAh rechargeable battery lasting up to 6 hours is included which should be plenty of time for a few rounds of Street Fighter II on the way to work, with plenty left over for the commute home.

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