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Fantasy Friends (PS4)

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  • From a flying Panda to a Rainbow Unicorn, discover 12 incredible creatures you'll love to cuddle and play with. As soon as they hatch, all of them will need your attention.
  • each animal needs a specific food you'll have to produce. They each live in their own house and have an original game that they like best. Have fun while getting to know them all!
  • collect hundreds of colors and skins for your pets and challenge your friends to see who will have the most unique creatures. Be the first to find the rarest ones!
  • get cool accessories (hats, sunglasses, ribbons, etc.) to customize each of your pets!
  • Decorate the Forest in your own style with beautiful buildings, plants, and magical objects! Some of them may surprise you.
  • random magical events can happen at any time… you can earn more mana or even get exclusive skins!

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