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Diddy Kong Racing - USED (Nintendo DS)

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  • PRE-OWNED: Cartridge only
  • New Adventure mode featuring Diddy Kong
  • Use WiFi.
  • Unique touch controls! Spin a tire to get a speed boost off the starting line, and much more!
  • Drivers can use Nintendo WFC to go online and race against players from around the world! Diddy Kong Racing DS also features multiplayer single-card download play and multicard local wireless play.
  • Create your own multiplayer icon! Choose from a ful palette and three kinds of brushes to create a masterpiece that identifies you in the midst of multiplayer madness.
  • Customization rules! Diddy will make sure you can pull out your (virtual) monkey wrench and upgrade your vehicle's speed, durability, and appearance.
  • A faster frame rate
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