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Deadly Premonitions: Origins (Nintendo Switch) - Offer Games

Deadly Premonitions: Origins (Nintendo Switch)

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  • A living, breathing persistent world of investigative mystery, featuring NPCs with their own individual mysteries to uncover.
  • dozens of side quests that will further Immerse the player and reveal more of greenvale's secret underbelly.
  • engage in open world adventure as you go sightseeing and explore the town of greenvale while you solve the mysteries within it.
  • a combination of over-the-shoulder shooter action, driving, and 3rd person adventure/exploration offers a variety of gameplay.
  • use your profiling prowess to recreate the crime with the various clues and items found at the scene.
  • dozens of melee, ranged and hidden weapons to defend yourself from the onslaught of evil.
  • lengthy campaign with over 20 hours of gameplay.
  • comes with Poster map of greenvale exclusive to Amazon

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