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Daemon X Machina (Nintendo Switch Download)

Daemon X Machina (Nintendo Switch Download)

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  • Strap yourself into a fully-customisable Arsenal and prepare for explosive, all-guns-blazing assault in DAEMON X MACHINA, a new breed of mech action game from genre veteran Kenichiro Tsukuda, only on Nintendo Switch.
  • As one thing falls, another shall rise… When the moon fell from the sky and rained destruction on the world below, mankind forged a network of powerful machinery, controlled by a sophisticated artificial intelligence, in order to help rebuild all that was lost.
  • Mech mercenaries! In the midst of the chaos, powerful individuals emerge, seeking to harness the power of Femto energy for themselves.
  • Suit up! Mount your Arsenal and vanquish the enemy at all costs in action-packed, objective-based missions.Equipped for anything! Forage stronger armour and tear more devastating weaponry from downed enemies to augment your Arsenal’s capabilities on-the-fly.Anytime, anywhere, with anyone! Don’t let up! Wage the war against the machines wherever you go, thanks to the versatile play modes of Nintendo Switch.

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