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Creating Sports League Tables and Tournaments in Excel - Offer Games

Creating Sports League Tables and Tournaments in Excel

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This course shows you how to create spreadsheets for sports tournaments and league tables. Use the power of Excel to automatically calculate cup draws and league table rankings.

Whether your league table rankings are determined by goal difference, goals scored, number of away wins or something else. You will learn how you can use this criteria to automatically determine a team or players league position.

Spreadsheets are available for download along the way for practice, or to use as a template to adapt to your needs.

The course is broken down into three sections.

Creating League Tables

Learn how to automatically calculate league table rankings when results are entered onto a spreadsheet. We look at adapting the league table to apply different ranking criterion. A football/soccer and a rugby union example are used for demonstration.

Create Cup Tournaments

Learn to create cup tournaments in Excel including random cup draws and calculating match results to automatically move a player or team to the next rounds draw. A snooker and a tennis example are used for demonstration.

Cricket World Twenty20 Tournament

A section is dedicated to learning how to calculate cricket statistics and match results due to the unique nature of the sport. The World Twenty20 tournament is used to demonstrate how to calculate match results and statistics like net run rate, bowling strike rate and total balls bowled.

Let's Do It

Although the course cannot possibly cover all sports examples, the techniques learned can be adapted for any sports competition. Let's get started.

What are the requirements?

  • An basic to intermediate knowledge of Excel

What am I going to get from this course?

  • To automatically calculate sports league table ranking using different ranking criteria
  • To calculate random draws for a knockout cup competition
  • To calculate statistics for a cricket tournament such as Net Run Rate, total overs or balls bowled and bowling strike rate.

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who needs to calculate sports league table rankings or tournament fixtures
  • Those involved in organising sports competitions and updating league tables

Creating Sports League Tables and Tournaments in Excel

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