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Granblue Fantasy Versus (PS4)

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  • An anime fighter for players of all levels! Arc System Works, the team behind critically-acclaimed fighting series BLAZBLUE, guilty gear, and Dragon Ball fighters, and cygames, the people behind the international mobile phenomenon granblue fantasy, usher in a new era of fighting games with a rich and accessible battle system suitable for beginners and veterans alike
  • fight as your favorite granblue characters! A balanced and varied cast of combatants are ready to Duke it out, each with their own individual fighting styles and dazzling skills. Whether it's the well-rounded katalina, the long-range Specialist ferry, or the dual Blade wielder lancelot, there is a character and style to suit almost anyone's tastes
  • a gorgeous 2.5D style world, accompanied by memorable melodies! High production values recreate the well-known locales of the granblue fantasy universe in vivid 2.5D, bringing these environments to life as crew members cheer in the background, all accompanied by stelle magna's stirring soundtrack
  • captivating visuals, designed by a fantasy expert! Hideo minaba of FINAL FANTASY series fame contributes as art director, lending his extraordinary talents and unforgettable character and world designs to the granblue fantasy universe!
  • experience the world of granblue fantasy in RPG mode "RPG mode" Allows players to experience the game as an action RPG, with an original granblue fantasy: versus storyline replete with beautiful cutscenes and boss battles against giant Primal beasts

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