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Doom: Eternal (PS4)

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From the moment you put on the Doom Slayer helmet, this game throws you into the fast paced relentless action that id software are known and loved for.


As a direct sequel to the 2016 award winning action game, Doom Eternal sets off where you last left off. This time going directly to Earth, pick up the huge and varied multitude of weapons. Doom Eternal once again brings the combat style designed to encourage you forward. A combat style that rewards you with health and ammo primarily by defeating your opponents. With a massive new arsenal at your disposal, fight back the hordes from hell in the stunning new environment.


This game continues the tradition of incredible soundtracks with an all-new composition by Mick Gordon. This franchise is the benchmark for action driven FPS games. this new iteration raises the boundaries. Those of a sensitive nature need not don the helmet... 

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