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Mario Kart 64 (Wii U Download Code)

Mario Kart 64 (Wii U Download Code)

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  • Put the pedal to the metal in this successor to that Super NES classic, Super Mario Kart. Mario Kart 64 boasts great graphics, tons of unique power-ups and a laugh-packed 3D version of the legendary Battle Mode.
  • Mario Kart 64 races eight familiar faces, including Mario, Bowser and Yoshi, through four progressively tough four-track cups. Wide curves and gentle banks mark the Mushroom Cup tracks. Your race gets notably tougher on the Flower Cup, though – you'll have to dodge lorries rumbling on Toad's Turnpike and bounding boulders on fog bound Choco Mountain! Star Cup tracks range from the icy surfaces of Sherbet Land to the lava lakes of Bowser's Castle. The true test of karting competence, though, comes on the four courses in Special Cup. Zip through the dark caves and green hillsides of Donkey Kong's Jungle Parkway, cling to the sheer cliffs of Yoshi Valley and hustle over haunted Banshee Boardwalk before tackling the longest track in the game: the neon-lit Rainbow Road!
  • Mario Kart 64 offers two camera angles and three engine sizes: 50cc, 100cc and 150cc. You can gain even more speed by mastering the power slide technique or grabbing Super Star power-ups. Each kart has distinctive handling, acceleration and top speed capabilities. Light karts like Princess Peach's smoothly steer through tight corners, but run the constant risk of getting flattened by heavy karts, like Donkey Kong's. Shells that you fire at rival racers, bananas that make them skid out and Lightning Bolts that make them small and very slow are just a few of the game's unique and hilarious power-ups.

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