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New Nintendo 3DS XL Hyrule Edition - USED (Nintendo 3DS)

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  • PRE-OWNED: Unboxed - Console only (Good condition, a few scratches)
  • Hyrule Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL to celebrate the launch of Hyrule Warrior Legends on Nintendo 3DS
  • Enjoy amiibo functionality with titles like Super Smash Bros. and other for Nintendo 3DS thanks to built-in NFC
  • Experience more comfortable 3D viewing and get the best image possible with enhanced 3D technology
  • A second analogue stick and two extra shoulder buttons make for a superior gaming experience
  • Enhanced processing power means significantly faster loading times, download speeds, and browsing
  • Maximise your gaming experience: the New Nintendo 3DS XL features the biggest screen of any 3DS to date

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